Supporting the KVIrc Project by Money Donations

KVIrc is available for free and will always be available for free: no payment is required to download, use, modify and redistribute the source code.

Most of the physical resources that KVIrc lives from (such as WWW or FTP servers) are contributed for free by the KVIrc team members. On the other side the project requires an incredible amount of coding hours as well as several things that need to be paid for such as hardware upgrades, domain name registrations, hosting fees, books... If you enjoy KVIrc please consider supporting the project financially: you can make the donation by using PayPal.

The button below will bring you to the PayPal site where you will be able to specify the donation amount and the currency you want to use. You can donate any amount you wish: all will be appreciated. If you have never used PayPal before, then the site will ask you about your credit card details, your country, address and your home phone number. This information is required by PayPal to do the money transaction and is not required by or visible to the KVIrc team.

After you have made the donation you will be contacted by e-mail and asked if your donation can be listed on this page. Once the donated money is used, its destination will be listed along with the donator and the donation amount.

Thank you! :)

Recent Donations

17.06.2006: 15 USD donated by Iulian Topliceanu (Homepage)

31.08.2014: 15 EUR donated by Dan Derebenskiy (Go-Parts)

01.10.2014: 100 EUR donated by Solomon