Help Wanted

The first place to look at when you have a problem is the KVIrc mailing list.

If something goes wrong, or if you have a question, a suggestion, or are simply interested in KVIrc development, you can join the KVIrc mailing list.

The developers follow the mailing list and will answer questions as soon as possible.

The official KVIrc support channel is located on the Libera network and the channel is obviously named #KVIrc. The official Italian channel is on the Azzurra network.
You can also find some movement on the IRCNet network in the #KVIrc channel too :)

Bugs can be reported and viewed by using the KVIrc bugtrack.

For suggestions, news, corrections and whatever related with the website please drop an email to HelLViS69.

For any kind of help in graphics, translations, and documentation please contact etherea`.