Honor and Glory

This is a list of the people that have contributed in some way to the KVIrc project.

This list is far from being complete. A lot of more or less "anonymous" people have wasted their time, eyes, bandwidth and brain resources on this project. If you're one of those, then well, don't hesitate to contact Pragma

Pragma's avatar

Szymon Stefanek

The "Creator" of KVIrc. Mental work, hand work, eyes consuming and coffee drinking

"I'll check... lemme check..."
"I'll fix it tomorrow..."
"KVIrc: the client that can't make coffee"

Istari, spion's avatar

Jan Wagner
(Istari, spion)

Webmaster, bughunter, snapshot maintainer, support gay^Wguy :o) and the man that gives you KVIrc through IPv6

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Luk De Ketelaere

Documentation, bug searching, public relations

"No idea of what you're talking about... or why you need it :)"

YaP's avatar

Andrea Parrella

Bug hunting, plugin development, bug fixes, windows porting and snapshots

"<YaP> why you haven't implemented a class like DoEverythingByYourself ? :)"
"<Pragma> a wonderful recursive function :)"
"<YaP> Damn...I knew it eheheheheh"

alch3m1st's avatar

Ted Podgurski

Test scripter, bug hunting ideator & creator of the first www.kvirc.net


oehansen's avatar

O. E. Hansen

The official C++ manual and plugin developer

"prepare yourselves.." " #include <iostream.h>"
"class testing {..."
"<oehansen> I must admit, I'm getting confused :-)"
"<Pragma> Me too , at this point :)"

wiza's avatar

Jorma Tuomainen

Slackware Packages

Penny's avatar

Eva Schaller

Italian translation, bug hunting, moral support :))))

"KVIrc? Ah! The dinosaur..."

Crissi's avatar

Christoph Thielecke

German translation, bug hunting, new ideas. Some scripting, Code improvements + new code ;)

"Pragma: Short question..."

Triskelios's avatar


Breaking everything, and correcting grammar when there isn't anything left to break. Also, listening to Aeri's requests and getting about half of them done...

"Hey, it's not my responsibility to find a funny quote of myself ^_~"

munehiro's avatar


Italian translations, code improvements and many useful suggestions

Kristoff's avatar

Krzysztof Godlewski

Official polish beer provider and plugin developer

"echo "STOP IT" > /dev/neighbour" "cd ./neighbour && make clean"
"Pragma...erm...bugs ? WHICH bugs ? ;))"

iakko's avatar

Iacopo Palazzi

Old site creator, some suggestions, tea drinker (Thanks Szymon, your tea is excellent ;) ) and.. why I'm listed here?

"Hey mum, look!! My name is in the KVIrc Honor & Glory section!!"

Thilo's avatar

Thilo Schulz

Newsauthor, bugtracker and constant user support on #kvirc

Ahinu's avatar


French translation, betatesting and heavy bughunting

Noldor's avatar

Alessandro Carbone

Object classes developer, code improvements, betatesting, bugfixing, exotic scripting, documentation...

"<Grifisx>...damned brackets ! ...there are always too many...
<Noldor>....or too few..."

Grifisx's avatar

Tonino Imbesi

Object classes developer, code improvements, betatesting, bugfixing, exotic scripting, documentation...

"<Grifisx> The difference between me and you is just that, You see things and you say "Why?" But I dream things that never were and I say..."Why not?"

Alexey's avatar

Alexey Uzhva

Internationalization, bugfixing, bughunting, new ideas and more...

HelLViS69's avatar

Elvio Basello

New site creator, site maintainer, Italian translation, scripting, bughunting, Slackware packages, new ideas...

"<HelLViS69> Blessed gdb, in the name of ritchie, kerningham and rms"

etherea`'s avatar

Claudia Galingani Mongini

Italian translation, graphics, true believer

"Time makes no sense"

Nate's avatar

Alessio Paoletti

FAQ and Italian translations

k0sm|k0's avatar

Massimiliano Leone

Debian packages, moral support

"One must make one's self superior to humanity, in power, in loftiness of soul, in contempt. - Friedrich Nietzsche"

LoSko's avatar

Lorenzo Marcon

Bug hunting and fixing, doc fixes, scripting (NGL File Server)

"I don't know what I want, but I know how to get it."

Kane's avatar

Juanjo Avarez

Away system, colored nicks, general programming, Spanish translation

"Pragma: think of KVIrc as a tool for scripters... we have to left them something to do :)"

|Tom| [at] IrcNet's avatar

Thomas Kalla
(|Tom| [at] IrcNet)

OS X porting

Ze_M's avatar

Américo Josè Melo

Portuguese translation, default script patches and Mandriva (MDE) packager.

CtrlAltCa's avatar

Fabio Bas

Bugfixing, coding, mingw32 port, user support

"Can i haz KVIrc?"

CGabriel's avatar

Christopher R. Gabriel

The 'light' inside the GNU clouds. Generic (??!) official project supporter :)

"Pragma: seems that kvirc with all its plugins is becoming a desktop environment" "echo espresso > /dev/coffee" "Pragma: you reached the user limit. WTF!"

Drosha's avatar

Andrew Frolov

Ideator of www.kvirc.org

"This free project is better that shareware" "mIrc for windows even in alpha stage"

Number1's avatar

Christian Strmmen

Makes sure that nobody is lazy, bug-hunter, a LOT of suggestions and maker of RealityX IRC.

"Skydiving is almost as exciting as KVIrc scripting!"
"Pragma: could you add these functions: $rubmyback() and $makecoffe()?"

RADKade1's avatar

RAD Kade 1

Debugging and improvements.

"I'm just *really* good at doing things when I have no idea of what I'm actually doing"

KNFritz's avatar

Fritz Elfert

Improvements of KVIrc code and of my Linux knowledge. I like to think him as a 'spiritual guide'... :D

Njaard's avatar

Charles Samuels

The KDE man! Making sure that KVIrc has a reason to have a K in the beginning

"Could I please make KVIrc a pure KDE application today?? Pleeease..."

BuTi's avatar


Some "tiny" pieces of code.

Error403's avatar

Nick Betcher

"<Error403>Number1: I imagined you looking crazy :)"
"<NumeroUno> I was drunk"

Crocodile's avatar

Olle Hällnäs

The "open hand" for the KVIrc project. Provider of the SVN service, WWW & FTP mirroring, bandwidth, great ideas and fun while coding.

marl's avatar

Giovanni Ferri

Bug hunter, ideas source :)

"buy a pigeon traveller and pass DCC transfers to him"

[Anodine]'s avatar


Various funky improvements.

"I can program anything I set my mind to!"

infected's avatar

Paul Boehm

Beta testing, language structure improvements.

"...it's enough for 100 IPs per meter on earth, so every lightswitch can have its own IP...then you telnet to your lightswitch and turn it off!"

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Valeriy Girchenko

Russian translation

cpet's avatar

Chris Petrik

FreeBSD Port maintainer

"FreeBSD Gimp."

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