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2004-11-18: Italian Open Source Contest

The KVIrc project participates in an Italian Contest. It competes in the "Innovation" ("Innovazione"), "Best User Interaction" ("Miglior Interazione Utente") and "Security, Networking, Comunication" ("Sicurezza, Networking, Comunicazione") categories.

You can find it here:

The contest aims to elect the best Open Source projects that have almost one italian member in the development team.

You need to be registered in order to vote; unfortunatly the registration's form is only in Italian. Below you will find a short dictionary for the words you might encounter Nome - Name
Cognome - Surname
Cittą - City
Inserire il testo raffigurato nell'immagine - Please insert the text shown in the image above

If you like KVIrc then please spend a minute to register and drop a vote for us, we will really appreciate :)

The KVIrc Development Team thanks you :)