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2004-12-29: AVATAR support for eggrop

Today I have written a trivial patch that adds the AVATAR protocol support to the eggdrop bots. The patch is against version 1.6.12 but it will probably apply cleanly on any other recent version too.

You need to apply the patch to the eggdrop sources and recompile by running make and make install. You also need to specify the CTCP AVATAR reply in the configuration file in the following way:

set ctcp-mode 2
set ctcp-avatar ""

The AVATAR requests are ignored in ctcp modes other than 2 (just like any other CTCP request that is not PING or CHAT). The avatar must be an url pointing to an image (preferably jpg or png). DCC based avatars are not supported at this time.

Grab the patch here and...

Have fun :)

Szymon Stefanek