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2005-01-28: New binaries

Tom has built a newer version of KVIrc into MacOS X executables which is based on a newer CVS snapshot. It should contain some bugfixes, the new notifier window and Mircryption support.

YaP turned today's CVS snapshot into a brand new win32 binary. It contains the extra features mentioned at the top.

Celso González created Debian PowerPC .deb archives that should be pretty easy to install using "dpkg -i ". This package is built from the KVIrc 3.0.1 sources.

Go grab the MacOS X binaries here, the Debian package here and the Windows package here.

A hint for MacOS X users: If you're not too much into computers and programming, you probably do not want the 50+ Mbytes debug packages. On the other hand, if you know how to use a debugger or plan to send bug reports, by all means, use the debug version! A few last words, as Pragma would say now:

Honor and Glory to Celso González, YaP and Tom!