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2005-11-20: New WIN32 CVS snapshot.

Many news from Alexey like:
- [UI] Added option to colorize nicks in channel messages the same, as they colorized in the userlist view
- [UI] Added option to enable or disable showing query information label
- [UI] Added some items into the main menu
- [UI] Added default menu on right click at url link
- [UI] Channel mode label now allows to edit chanmodes
- [UI] Added new information label into Query window
- [Kernel] Fixed click vs double click bug
- [Kernel] Added parsing of 703(WeNet) and 020 messages
- [UI] New topic editor
- [UI] Fixed permission on topiceditor and mode editors(for ircOps and halfops)
- [Kernel] Fixed bug when message, that have raw event handlers decode 2 times
- [Modules] Fixed internationalization issues in avatar module