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2005-11-28: New WIN32 snapshot/Two new Italian Sites added...

Many news from Alexey like:
- [Kernel] Fixed crashes in action and toolbar modules under windows
- [Kernel] Added trick to resolve unmasked local hostname from 001 server message, even when you using +x mode
- [UI] Improved \r handling in ircview. Now it can contain colors in the label title.
- [UI] Added smart nick and channel highlighting. Now most of channel names and nicknames are recognized and you can click on it by mouse:)
- [UI] Escape hotkey (minimize window) replaced with Ctrl+Esc hotkey.
- [UI] Better code highlighting and code completion in scripteditor.
- [Kernel] Added support for gzipping logs and viewing gzipped logs
- [Kernel] Added ability to choose proxy server in irc server's preferences. You can choose different proxyes for different servers

Download full version
Download update for 20051128 snapshot

Two new italian site added a KVIrc section and forum