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2006-02-19: WIN32 snapshot KVIrc 'Anomalies'

KVIrc 'Anomalies' snapshot for Windows
Some news from 18 Dec 2005 to 18 Feb 2006
- regchan.list -> regchan.showlist, added $regchan.list
- Added $str.stripcolors
- Improved maskedior. Now it can edit masks;)
- Added zero port request handling for DCC CHAT and DCC SEND. Fastweb users enjoy!
The outgoing protocol is activated by /dcc.rsend -z
We support it also in outgoing requests now.
- Added function $height() and $width() in class pixmap
- Fixed and optimized objects.blend command: now it is very cool and you can create some eyes candy effect
very easily =)(more new graphic commands will come in the near future)
- Added the math.* module. Now you can calc also sin, cosin, sqr, etc.. etc...
- Added colors to the topic history widget
- Added ability to count total connection time for all connections for the connection timer applet
- Added Alias namespaces

Now you can try the latest KVIrc version, code name : 'Anomalies' ^_^ Enjoy!