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2006-03-03: New KVIrc "Anomalies" snapshot for Win32

There are some new! =D

- KVS now uses 64 bit integers, if possible
- More work on zero port DCC handshakes (still a bit work in progress)
- Finally managed the KviListView to display a transparent background
picture (hopefully) without flickering. Does it work on windows ?
- Added $hptimestamp() for high(er) precision time intervals computation
- Recently also more work on the options dialog
- the theme options now have its own toplevel dialog
(some of the options still need to be moved around)
- added a (still primitive) search function
- added "away" section to the dockwidget menu
- tray icon now transparent under *nix
- added autohide indicator to notifier
- added option for closing in tray (patch by Zerg)
- added option for startup minimized
- added deeper nick change customization in away
- added "Quit" item to the main menu
- new tray icon under *nix, more selective tray tooltip
- improved nick colorization in KViIrcView: now registered nicks are colorised as in the userlist
- now it is possible to assign a comment to the registered user. Comment will be shown it tooltip and WATCH join/quit messages
- added option for colorizing own nick in different color
- added option to disable avatar scaling if it less that required size
- registered users can be organazid into groups
- some fixes in maskeditor

Download full version
If you have already installed the 2006.02.20 snapshot or a more recent version you can download this:
Download update for 20060220 snapshot