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2006-05-31: KVIrc 3.2.3 'Slackware development release'

Changes are as in Win32:

- Channel/topic input lines now have a OS-style border
- Fixed crash while topic contains a text icon
- Fixed colorizing nick as in the userlist while custom color is set for the normal users
- Added automatic codepage select for servers, that doesn't insart "CODAPAGES" in RPL_ISUPPORT message
- Now recent channels are network-dependend. For example #kvirc@Freenode and #kvirc@Azzurra are the different channels
- Fixed (finally?) window restoring from tray icon
- Fixes in mIRC color handling
- Fixed issues when IP specified instead of server name in server properties
- Added search and document index to the help system
- Added texticon module to manage text icon collection
- Added hungarian translation