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2006-06-27: The Twins Media Player

This addon allows you to control your media player in some ways, and to share you music with other irc users. You can see it in action here and download it from the addons page.
It is based upon the use of the mediaplayer module of KVIrc and its design is inspired from the Pragma's Newsticker. A graphical user interface helps you to set it up.
According to module capabilities, the addon currently supports interactions with winamp on windows, and amarok, juk and xmms on linux like systems.
Its basic commands are:

  • Play, pause, stop, previous, next, rewind and fast forward.
  • Track repeat and shuffle.
  • Volume control with a slider.
  • Advertisement of the current track and possibility of sharing it using dcc transfert (inspired from the Pragma's Nowplaying addon).
Translations are avaible and more to come in the future.