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2006-09-12: KVIrc 3.2.5 released

Changes since 3.2.4:

   - uparser is definitively gone: KVS is the reality.
   - cleanups all around, removing unused code etc.
   - documentation cleanups
   - Fixed some docs about KVS
   - $boolean(), $string(), $integer() casts.
   - Fixed input line painting bug: cursor goes out of visible range
   - Fixed couple of bugs, include crashbug when applying a new theme
   - Rewrited channel mode handling
   - Rewrited setup wizard
   - Corrected themeing of input
   - Del key deletes selected transfer in filetransfers
   - Changed trayicon bechaviour. Now it's configurable.
   - Classic taskbar now looks fine in os-style. It uses new frames and borders
   - Make classic taskbar resizable
   - Make Tree taskbar header hidable. Hide it by default
   - Tree taskbar change cursor to hand while moving over an item

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Download for win32