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2008-03-25: New stable 3.4.0 'Virgo' release

Happy Easter! ;)

Here we go with another release :)

This one took a very long time but, well, finally it's here.

Notable new features of this release include:

  • improved themeing support
  • better desktop integration
  • nicer support for many different IRC servers
  • a totally revised option layout
  • basic support for script "addons"
  • improved help subsystem
  • new nice statusbar applets
  • improved scripting engine
  • improved windows and macosx support
  • ....

There is also a lot of small new details that you will find out by yourself while playing around and finally we obviously also have a huge number of bugfixes.

This will be the last stable release of the 3.* series and also the last one using Qt3. From now on we'll be working on major version 4 and switching completly to Qt4. This release actually contains a preliminary Qt4 support and if you feel brave you might test it by passing the "hidden" --enable-qt switch to configure.

To download the latest release give a look at the download page

Have fun :)
Szymon Stefanek and The KVIrc Development Team