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2009-06-11: KVIrc 4.0 SVN snapshots

Hi Folks!

The KVIrc Development Team, as you know, is working on the brand new version of our so-loved IRC client.

There are some major changes, including:

  • the Qt 4.x graphic libraries
  • support for the KDE 4 desktop environment
  • support for Phonon and DBus
  • the makefiles generator CMake, which is fast, flexible and cool, dropping the old autotools suite
  • many other new features

Everyone who wants to improve this wonderful client has just to install it and let us know the problems it contains via the bugtracker or the IRC channel.

For Debian users we suggest to use the newest package which is available for your release (as of now it is only in Sid). Until krb5 has migrated, you can either build the source package from or check C├╣ran's homepage for a build for Testing (Squeeze) for your architecture.

For (K)Ubuntu users we suggest to use the package from ambossarm because the one of Jaunty is buggy beyond anything.

For Windows users we suggest to use CtrlAltCa's snapshots.

That's all, happy ircing, and happy testing :)

HelLViS69 and The KVIrc Development Team