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2012-07-03: 4.2.0 Released!

Here we go again!

A new major stable version of KVIrc is ready!

Two years have passed since the first KVIrc 4 release. While the original 4.0 code was put in maintenance mode, a lot of time has been dedicated to merge new features inside KVIrc. Today we present the result of this development.

Support for new os/architectures:

  • - Mac OS X support, clang support
  • - 64-bit Windows support
  • - improved FreeBSD integration
  • - an experimental OS/2 patch

More scripting power:

  • - the interface to the popup subsystem has been rewritten: the new popup module
  • - a new interface to the userlist: the userlist module
  • - a new webView class that embeds a webkit
  • - improved SQL classes
  • - a new trayicon KVS class
  • - added a default script manager to restore default scripts without overwriting custom user scripts
  • - lots of new functions: $file.time(), $insideAlias(), $log.export(), $file.diskspace(), $isBot(), $gender(), $context.connectionStartTime, $context.lastMessageTime, $listtimers(), $window.isDocked, $aliasBody(), $file.readBytes(), $file.writeBytes(), window.savePropertiesAsDefault, $chan.modeParam(), ...
  • - new SSL certificate related stuff: $dcc.getSSLCertInfo(), $certificate(), $str.evpSign(), $str.evpVerify()

A lot of new miscellaneous features:

  • - a module to support FiSH irc encryption
  • - smart logging paths using KVS
  • - improved medialayer support: VLC, Spotify, Totem, Clementine, ...
  • - a rewritten log viewer module
  • - dynamic support for custom channel modes
  • ...

And finally, as usual, a lot of bugfixes and minor enchancements.

The source packages are available here. Binaries for Windows and Mac OS X are available in the download section. Binaries for other platforms will be available soon in the same location as well as from your favorite distribution repositories.

There is also a portable version for Windows available on PortableApps.com.

As usual, any bug for this release should be reported by using the bugtrack system available at https://svn.kvirc.de/kvirc.

We'd like to thank again all the people supporting the KVIrc project: the mighty coders, people submitting patches, the translators, the testers and even the ones simply providing suggestions. A big hug to the resident users of #kvirc@Freenode for their continuous effort on bridging the gap between developers and users.

Honor and Glory to everyone involved!

Enjoy... and remember: we have no boundaries on the net! :)

Fabio Bas and The KVIrc Development Team