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2016-04-15: KVIrc Nightly OS X Builds Are Finally Here

Great news for OS X users! The KVIrc Development Team Member staticfox has been working fervently for a week in order to fill a long standing gap in our nightly builds for one of our supported platforms. This is of course working binaries compiled for OS X.
The resulting dmg is built automatically via Travis, a continuous integration system which is also like what we use to build Windows binary installers for KVIrc.

The resulting builds are uploaded to a server kindly provided by staticfox located at where you can download, install and enjoy KVIrc on OS X and start providing much valued feedback and bug reports via the GitHub issues page.

If you encounter any issues with these builds, aside from the KVIrc GitHub issues, you can also join our #KVIrc IRC channel on freenode where we will be happy to answer any of your questions.

Remember: KVIrc heavily depends on people's varied skills, time, interest and goodwill to help fix bugs, add features, and do general project related tasks for what is a free and largely thankless job.
Help KVIrc grow as a contributor by donating your skills, time and other expertise and see how you can make a difference to this opensource project and expand your knowledge, experience, and horizons.

Have fun in IRC from The KVIrc Development Team