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2024-01-14: KVIrc 5.2.0 "Quasar" Released

It again took quite a while, but we have an official stable 5.2.0.

This release contains changes from the last 5 years of development, including:

  • - Support for the latest version of upstream libraries: Qt5.15/6.6, KDE5/6, OpenSSL 1.x/3.x
  • - Wayland support
  • - Fix for some nasty crash bugs
  • - an improved font rendering engine able to represent complex characters like emojis with ligatures
  • - a reworked tray icon that now follows your OS style
  • - better support for solanum ircd (Libera net)

Source code, windows and mac binaries are available here. Binary packages for your favorite linux distribution should be available in the next days.

All of the work has been done by our mighty team members. For pure development work you can take a look at the commit statistics here. But the team also includes packagers, bug hunters and general supporters. Honor and Glory to All of Them! :)

Many of the team members hang out on #kvirc@libera. Come in and say hi!

Have Fun on IRC! :)
The KVIrc Development Team